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An Experience You'll Never Forget!

With a large library of virtual reality experiences and games that are fun and exhilarating, we can help you entertain people right at your door!

Room for up to 20 Players!*

Upon stepping into the gaming trailer, visitors come face-to-face with 6 high-quality 50-inch 4K TVs mounted on one wall and a long bench on the other, offering plenty of seating for your entire party!

*Please see our COVID policies for safety updates

Six Virtual Reality Stations!

Visitors can enjoy being immersed in experiences such as being a Jedi, soaring over cities, or diving into the depths of the ocean - all in our game truck!

VR Race Car Simulator

Gamers can experience driving at breakneck speeds on the world's most famous tracks without the fear of crashing!

Fortnite Parties!

Battle your friends, fortify and build, and be the last player standing with our online Fortnite Parties!

Available 7 days a week with flexible event hours! Book your event today!



View our list of games and choose the perfect ones for your event!

E (Everyone)
E10+ (10 Years and Up)
T (Teen)
M (Mature)
VR (Virtual Reality)

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